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Rathangan is a small town with a population of approximately 1200 and is located about 9 miles from Kildare Town.

Rathangan, a small village in County Kildare, owes its name to the Rath of Iomghain, whose stately trees dominate the skyline above the west end of the town.  The village has a square at either end.  Leinster Street drops gently around a curve down from the top square at the Rath to Market square on he banks of the river Slate.  On this approach the townscape is pleasantly crowned by Dunmurray Hill.  The Grand Canal runs quietly alongside the river and the old milling area which will soon be redeveloped as an extension to the town centre.

Settlement patterns and the economic development of the area have been greatly influenced by the waterways and soil types in the surrounding countryside.  The earliest known settlements were alongside the Slate river.  The development of the Grand canal saw the advent of the Quakers to the area.  These milling families left their mark on the architecture of the town and the Protestant farmers built some fine large house on their limestone estates.  Their legacy can also be seen in the Gothic style Church of Ireland and the surrounding graveyard, dating to 1700, which adjoins the Rath.  While the fine Georgian houses across the green date to the 1790’s when the canal brought increased wealth to the area.