The Barrow. Our River Your Journey

BARROWRIVERBEAT Presented by David Dwyer –


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From the Devil’s Eyebrow to the Gordon Bennett Race, from Lowtown to St Mullins . . . Discover the delightful Barrow Greenway, its historic villages and life stories, the heritage and wildlife, with this app and free audio guide.

The guide is ideal for anyone walking, cycling or boating the Barrow navigation and canal. The audio guide has 35 audio tracks, packed with stories and information, one for each stop every 3-5km along the 114 km way.  The full-featured app version is richly illustrated, and comes with a geo-located map, extra information and links, and costs €2.69.  It works offline, and there are no roaming charges.

Full details at where you can download the free MP3 version.




BARROW RIVER BEAT Presented by.David Dwyer

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The Barrow River in the South East of Ireland. The most undiscovered river in Europe.